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Coming Soon - NEW On Tap™ Banking!

Something great is on its way! We're pleased to announce that our brand new online and mobile banking experience will be rolling out soon!

We're thrilled about our new virtual banking experience! We’re just a month away from going live with more robust and intuitive online and mobile banking. The new virtual banking system will provide you the ability to bank anytime, anywhere, and from any device like never before.

Current online and mobile banking users, when you login for the first time on the new system, your phone number or email address will be used for authentication. For this reason, it is important that you update or validate your phone number and email address before July 15. The phone number must be a direct line (no extensions) where you can receive a call or text. Please stop by a branch or call us at 303.279.6414 or 800.770.6414 to make sure your information is correct.

Below you will find important information about the conversion to the new system. This page will be updated often so please check back regularly if you are an existing online or mobile banking user.

As always, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

LEARN to Efficiently Manage Your Accounts

Why go to the credit union when it can come to you? Save time and stay on top of your accounts with On Tap™ Online Banking. With On Tap™ Online Banking you can perform many of the same functions you can at a branch, 24 hours a day.

Online account access made easy

Access your account information anytime from just about anywhere. All you need is a PC and an Internet connection to:

Mobile Banking with Coors Credit Union

Access your Coors Credit Union account anytime, anywhere by using your mobile phone or tablet. If you have the ability to browse the web from your mobile phone or just the ability to text message, you can bank on your phone! 

Mobile Deposit 

  • Deposit checks into your eligible account with your mobile device, anytime, anywhere
  • Simply take photos of the front and back of your check and submit…it’s that easy!
  • Saves you time with fewer trips to the branch or ATM
  • In most cases, deposits are immediately available for use
  • Available in the Coors Credit Union mobile banking app on supported Apple and Android devices


  View Mobile Banking Demo

Enroll in On Tap Online Banking

To activate Mobile Banking you'll need to be enrolled in On Tap Online Banking.

Go to Online Banking Learn more about Online Banking

Already enrolled? Then you're ready to use Mobile Banking!

Mobile Banking App

Download our mobile application to your Android Smartphone or iPhone. To download the app, click the "Download Mobile App" button below from your mobile device. Or, visit your phone’s app market ("App Store" for iPhone; "Google Play" for Android) and search for "Coors Credit Union."

Download Mobile App

Mobile Web

Access Mobile Banking from your mobile web browser on your web-enabled phone or Smartphone.

Go to Mobile Web

Text (SMS) Banking

If you can text, you can bank! No data plan required. Do basic banking functions by texting commands to Coors Credit Union.

  • Check your balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer funds
  • Manage your accounts by texting

Pease note that your service provider's standard texting rates will likely apply.

How to Sign Up

After accessing your home banking account, go to "Account Settings." You will have a new link that says "Mobile Settings." After clicking that link, you will see two links, one for "Web Mobile Settings" and one for "Text Mobile Settings." Follow the instructions on the page(s) to enable yourself for Mobile Banking. For more information or assistance in setting yourself up for Mobile Banking, please call Coors Credit Union at 303.279.6414 or 800.770.6414.

For more detailed instructions, click here to go to Coors Credit Union SMS Mobile Text Banking.

Mobile Web Requirements

You must have an active home banking account and a valid mobile phone number. Additionally, you must have the ability to browse the World Wide Web on your mobile phone. Please keep in mind data charges from your service provider likely will apply (unless you have an unlimited data plan). No special phones are required as an internet enable mobile phone will be compatible.

To minimize Mobile Banking risks, please review some very important safety tips:

  • Lock phones with a lock code if available
  • Turn off Bluetooth capability when not in use. (Hackers can view/download the content of your phone via the Bluetooth connection, without your knowing it.)
  • Purge text messages regularly
  • Delete cached data from mobile browsers
  • Do not allow mobile browsers to store online banking credentials
  • Do not disclose personal information via text messaging
  • Do not leave the phone unattended
  • Visit trusted sites only and don't click on suspicious email messages and embedded links, just as on a computer
  • Contact Coors Credit Union immediately if the phone is stolen
  • Do not "jailbreak," "root," or otherwise modify the phone


Introducing our new card security feature, Lock It Card Control™, available now in our mobile banking app. 

Can't find your card? Don't panic! With Lock It Card Control™, you can temporarily lock your credit and debit cards, then quickly unlock them when you want to use them. If you are sure your card is lost or stolen, report that and reorder a new card, right from the app!

Want to control your spending? Just update your daily transaction limit with Lock It Card Control™, and you won't accidentally go over your budget.

Or you can simply just turn your card off temporarily when you're not using it to help prevent fraud.

To take advantage of this new security feature, you will need our mobile banking app, available for Apple devices on the App Store or for Android devices on Google Play.


Once you're logged into the app, look for "LOCK-IT" in the Mobile Banking menu.

Take security and peace of mind to a whole new level with Lock It Card Control™ from Coors Credit Union!

SUCCEED at Paying Bills Online and On Time

Why use Online Bill Pay? Learn MoreOkay, we don’t believe anyone really enjoys paying bills, but our online bill pay sure makes it less of a chore. You can use bill pay just as you would paper checks for one-time payments, recurring payments, payments to large companies or to individuals. Now you can shorten your to-do list and forget stuffing envelopes and buying stamps.

Login Enroll View Demo

Online Bill Pay adds convenience and saves you time and money

Bill Pay can be used to cover nearly any expense that requires a check:

  • Write checks to almost anyone with a U.S. address
  • Schedule automatic payments for recurring payments like utilities or other regular expenses
  • Never worry about missing a payment again
  • Send one-time payments as you need

DREAM of Clearing Away the Clutter

Set yourself free from drawers and boxes stuffed with paper account statements. eStatements securely files your documents with access that’s just a mouse click away. Plus, it’s faster and greener than paper statements.

Enjoy the benefits of eStatements

eStatements provide even more service than paper statements, such as:

  • 1 year of storage on a secure server
  • Immediate availability - no delay due to mailing process
  • Includes tax forms
  • Hampers identity theft - no papers lying around for peering eyes
  • eStatements are FREE!
  • Just go through On Tap Online banking to sign up today!

Only available through On Tap™ Online Banking

Since you’ll view your eStatements through On Tap™ Online Banking you’ll also need to be registered to with On Tap™ Online Banking.

If you are not a current user of On Tap™ Online Banking you can either pick up a form at any Coors Credit Union branch, or print the Registration Form. Please complete all the required information and mail, drop-off, or fax it to the credit union at 303.279.6336.

Once you have access to On Tap™ Online Banking, eStatements is one easy step away. Once in On Tap™ Online Banking, simply click E-statement Preferences on your title bar. There will be three required fields to complete:

  1. Select from the first pull-down menu: eStatement Only
  2. Choose whether you want to be notified by mail
  3. Enter the account email address

Then you’ll be given a Personal Identificatoin Number (PIN) and password to access your account information online. Your confirmation, PIN and Password will be mailed to you in 1 to 2 business days after we receive your request. For security reasons, we cannot disclose PINs/Passwords via email or over the telephone.

Now you can access your Coors Credit Union home loan online!

  • Make an online payment or set up a recurring payment
  • Check your balance
  • View your payment history
  • View your taxes and insurance
  • And more!

Click here to go to login to get started now!

This service is not available for members who make payments to Colonial Mortgage. Please contact us to learn about refinancing your mortgage with Coors Credit Union.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is important that you update or validate your contact information—address, phone number and email—before July 15 in order to enable you to log in to the new system. This information will be needed when you first login to the new system. Please visit a branch or call us at 303.279.6414 or 800.770.6414 to validate or update your information.

The online and mobile banking upgrade is scheduled for July 29-31. Beginning at 7 p.m. on Friday, July 29, mobile and online banking will be unavailable as we begin the conversion to the new system. At this time, we anticipate both will be available on Monday, August 1.

No. With the new system, you will be able to see all of your Coors Credit Union accounts with one online and mobile banking account.

No. Primary and joint account owners can have their own unique logins with the new system. The primary account owner will have the ability to choose which accounts the joint member may see within their own online and mobile banking account.

The only browser requirement is that your browser must be HTML5 compatible. We recommend updating your browser to the latest version available—not just to ensure compatibility with the new online banking experience, but also to ensure that your online banking is as secure as possible.

Browser versions listed below are not fully compatible: 

  • Internet Explorer Version 11 and below
  • Firefox Version 24 and below 
  • Chrome Version 30 and below
  • Safari Version 6 and below

If you use Internet Explorer, you must turn Compatibility View off or you may see a “Unsupported Browser” error.

We also recommend that you update your Android or iOS device to the most current software version available to ensure compatibility.

We are upgrading our online banking system as part of our ongoing effort to provide you with new state of the art banking that will give you improved functionality, greater convenience and enhanced security. This new online banking system will give you one single, effortless experience on all of your devices—mobile, tablet and online. It means you can bank comfortably anytime, anywhere! It also means your online banking will look consistent across all of your devices, making navigation simple and easy.